Welcome Dr.KHUSHI RAM from UNIVERSITY OF DELHI,INDIA to be committee member!


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Characterization and Fabrication of Polymer Composite Materials.
Fiber reinforeced polymer composites are being widely used in the field of engineering, medical, automobile, aerospace and military due to their inherant properties such as light in weight, high mechanical strength, resistant to corrosion and high thermal stability. Fiber reinforced polymer composites are being intensively used for the fabrication of balstic helmet, bullet proof vest, spacecraft components and automobileindustry. The most commonly employed synthethic fibers are glass, carbon and kevlar. The environmental problems associated with early manufacturing and after life processing of the plastic based
products motivated the researchers to develop a substitute material. Bio-compositesare such materials which have been proved to substitute synthetic plastics in various structural and non-structural application. Incorporation of natural fibers as reinforcment in place of synthetic fibers helps to maintain the sustainbility. Natural fibers such as jute, kenaf, hemp, sisal, ramie, pineapple, coir etc. have attracted a huge attention of material scientists working in the field of polymer matrix composites. Natural fibers have many prevalence such as bio-degradability, low density, higher aspect ratio, ease of processing and high mechnical
properties which in turn increases their area of applications.Someof the most common industrial application in the automotive industry are door panels, package trays, seat backs,head-rest, dash board and trunk liners.